Our Mission

To conserve aquatic and coastal ecosystems through research, community engagement, and education across the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Our Vision

Foster a connection between researchers, industry professionals, and community members to conserve vital aquatic and coastal ecosystems.

Our Values

A healthy co-working environment through collaboration with local ENGOs, government, industry, the public, and young professionals in the environmental sector.

Create research-grade datasets that can be used in conservation efforts at the academic and government levels.

Transparent reporting and providing project goals and outcomes with communities that would be directly impacted by our efforts.

Community engagement through community science efforts and effective science communication.

Our History

Aquatic Conservation Initiative was previously known as the Northeast Avalon Atlantic Coastal Action Program (NAACAP). NAACAP was a community advocacy group concerned with the health of our watersheds and coastal areas. NAACAP was originally formed in 1992 with the support of Environment Canada under the Atlantic Coastal Action Program to help clean up St. John’s harbour and surrounding tributaries. NAACAP has a long history of environmental research, advocacy, and action on issues affecting the quality of our natural resources with a particular emphasis on the watersheds and coastal areas of the Northeast Avalon Region. In the present day, the scope of our conservation work stretches across the island of Newfoundland and we focus our efforts on conservation through research projects in cohesion with government-funded projects.

Do you have an environmental issue of concern that you think we could help address? email us to chat about it. Interest in partnering with us as a corporate funder.